used refurbished IBM 2109-M48 SAN256B Fibre Channel SAN Director

Essential Technologies is your essential source for new, used, refurbished, and recertified IBM 2109-M48 Fibre Channel SAN Directors. Whether it's a complete system, upgrades, components, or parts, you can count on Essential to provide quality equipment that meets your IT objectives - and exceeds your expectations - every time.

All products are 100% original, tested, and guaranteed for your IBM on-site maintenance agreements. Whether you have a specific system in mind, or if you need alternatives, we have the solution that's right for you.

We will also buy back your new or pre-owned IT equipment.

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Refurbished IBM 2109-M48 TotalStorage SAN256B Director Model M48

  • Auto-sensing 1, 2, 4, or 8Gbps Fibre Channel speeds
  • Up to 384-port configurations
  • IBM-Branded Brocade Silkworm 48000
  • Our refurbished 2109-M48 directors are tested, configured, and guaranteed for IBM maintenance

Blade Options

3416 M48 16-Port 4 Gbps Switch Blade
3432 M48 32-port 4 Gbps Switch Blade
3448 M48 48-Port 4 Gbps Switch Blade
3816 M48 16-port 8 Gbps Switch Blade
3832 M48 32-port 8 Gbps Switch Blade
3848 M48 48-port 8 Gbps Switch Blade