Used Refurbished IBM 8408-E8D Power 750 Express Server POWER7+ p750

Used and Refurbished IBM 8408-E8D Power 750 ServerEssential Technologies is your essential source for recertified, used, and refurbished IBM 8408-E8D Power 750 Express Server hardware.  Whether it's a complete system, upgrades, parts, or components you can count on Essential Technologies to provide quality equipment that meets your IT objectives - and exceeds your expectations - every time.

All products are 100% IBM original, tested, and eligible for IBM on-site maintenance (or a 3rd-party support contract).  Whether you have a specific system in mind, or if you need alternatives, we have the solution that's right for you.

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Refurbished IBM 8408-E8D Power 750 Express Server

  • The Power 750 model E8D is a 4U POWER7+ server with four processor sockets, offering 64-bit 8-core to 32-core configurations (3.5GHz or 4.0GHz)
  • Supports up to 64x DDR3 Memory DIMMs (with four processor modules) with a maximum system memory of 1024GB
  • Optional Active Memory Expansion can allow the effective maximum memory capacity to be much larger than the true physical memory (effective expansion up to 1024GB)
  • Six PCIe 8X Gen2 slots in the system unit
  • Two GX++ slots for attaching up to four 12X PCIe I/O drawers or up to two EXP30 Ultra SSD I/O drawers
  • Choice of Integrated Multifunction Card options (maximum one per system):
    - Dual 10 Gb Optical + Dual 1 Gb Ethernet (#1769)
    - Dual 10 Gb Copper + Dual 1 Gb Ethernet (#1768)
    - Dual 10 Gb Optical + Dual 1/10 Gb Ethernet (#EN11)
    - Dual 10 Gb Copper + Dual 1/10 Gb Ethernet (#EN10)
  • DASD/Media backplane with external SAS port, 6 x 2.5-inch DASD/SSD (#EPTS):
    - One to six SFF SAS DASD or SSDs (mixing allowed)
    - Two integrated SAS controllers to run SAS bays
    - One slim bay for a DVD-RAM (required)
    - One integrated SATA controller to run the DVD-RAM
  • Dual 1925W A/C hot-swap power supplies
  • Support for LPAR and PowerVM virtual partitioning
  • Support for AIX, IBM i, and Linux Operating Systems
  • Our refurbished IBM 8408-E8D Power 750 systems are tested, configured, and guaranteed for IBM maintenance


EM08 (78P0554) 8GB (2x4GB) DIMMs, 1066MHz, 2GB DDR3 DRAM
EM4B (78P1914) 16GB (2x8GB) DIMMs, 1066MHz, 4GB DDR3 DRAM
EM4C (78P1915) 32GB (2x16GB) DIMMs, 1066MHz, 4GB DDR3 DRAM