Used Refurbished IBM 9117-MMC p7-770 POWER7 Power 770 Server Model MMC

Used and Refurbished IBM 9117-MMC Power7 770 ServerEssential Technologies is your essential source for recertified, used, and refurbished 9117-MMC POWER7 P7-770 Power 770 Server hardware.  Whether it's a complete system, upgrades, parts, or components you can count on Essential Technologies to provide quality equipment that meets your IT objectives - and exceeds your expectations - every time.

All products are 100% IBM original, tested, and eligible for IBM on-site maintenance (or a 3rd-party support contract).  Whether you have a specific system in mind, or if you need alternatives, we have the solution that's right for you.

We will also buy back your new or pre-owned IT equipment.

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Refurbished IBM 9117-MMC Power 770 (P7) Server Model MMC

  • Offers up to 64-core configurations (POWER7 3.30GHz) or 48-core configurations (POWER7 3.72GHz)
  • Supports up to 4TB of DDR3 memory
  • 1 to 4 system enclosures, each enclosure provides one processor socket (for 16-core 3.30GHz and 12-core 3.72GHz processors)
  • Up to six SAS Small Form Factor drives (disk or SSD) per CEC enclosure
  • Eight I/O expansion slots (6 PCIe and 2 GX++) per enclosure (up to 32 slots without using I/O drawers)
  • Up to 184 PCIe slots or up to 192 PCI-X DDR per system using I/O drawers
  • Choice of integrated (HEA) I/O options; one per enclosure:
    - Dual 10 Gb Optical + Dual 1 Gb Ethernet
    - Dual 10 Gb Copper + Dual 1 Gb Ethernet
  • Support for LPAR and PowerVM virtual partitioning
  • Support for AIX and Linux Operating Systems
  • Our refurbished IBM 9117-MMC Systems are tested, configured, and guaranteed for IBM maintenance


5600 / #EM40 (45D7238, 45D5670) 0/32GB (4x8GB) CoD DIMMs 1066MHz
5601 / #EM41 (45D7242, 45D5674) 0/64GB (4x16GB) CoD DIMMs 1066MHz
5602 / #EM42 (45D8424) 0/128GB (4x32GB) CoD DIMMs 1066MHz
5564 0/256GB (4x64GB) CoD DIMMs 1066MHz
8212 Activation of 1 GB DDR3 POWER7 Memory
8213 Activation of 100 GB DDR3 POWER7 Memory